How I became a better teacher after having a baby

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How I became a better teacher after having a baby

I've often heard that you aren't as good of a teacher after having kids. I'm here to prove that statement wrong! In this episode, I share how I became a better teacher after having a baby. Even if you don't have kids, these tips will work for you too. Tune in to learn more!


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Hey there, fellow educators and podcast enthusiasts! Welcome back to another episode of Let's Chat Teaching. Today, we're delving into something a little different, yet profoundly personal – how becoming a parent transformed me into a better teacher.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, "But Nicole, I don't have kids," or "I've got a whole tribe of them already!" Stick with me, folks, because this journey has nuggets of wisdom for everyone, regardless of your parental status.

Before I embarked on the wild adventure of parenthood, I was knee-deep in the world of education for over seven years. Teaching was my passion, my calling, but let's be real – it was also a whirlwind of endless tasks, marking marathons, and feeling like I was drowning in responsibilities that seemed to multiply each year.

Then came my little bundle of joy, and with her arrival, a tsunami of fears and uncertainties about balancing motherhood and teaching crashed over me. But hey, shout out to Canada for that sweet one-year maternity leave – seriously, a game-changer!

During that time, I had a profound realization: time management wasn't just a skill; it was my lifeline. Suddenly, every minute mattered more than ever before. Cue the epic music because I dove headfirst into the world of efficient scheduling and ruthless prioritization.

Gone were the days of lingering after the final bell, drowning in paperwork. I became the early bird, seizing those precious quiet morning hours at school. With my trusty coffee in hand, I tackled tasks with laser focus, cutting out the fluff and maximizing productivity.

And guess what? I didn't sacrifice the fun or effectiveness of my teaching. If anything, I became a lean, mean teaching machine, delivering quality education while still having time for those epic classroom adventures.

Now, to my childless comrades, fear not! You too can harness the power of streamlined efficiency. Parenthood might have been my catalyst, but the principles apply across the board. Whether it's adopting someone else's genius idea or simply decluttering your teaching routine, there's something here for everyone.

And to all you super-parents out there juggling multiple kiddos alongside lesson plans – hats off to you! Seriously, you're the real MVPs of multitasking.

So, as we wrap up today's episode, I want to leave you with this: whether you're a parent or not, mastering the art of time management and prioritization can truly elevate your teaching game. And hey, I'd love to hear your thoughts! DM me on Instagram @AppleTreeResources and let's keep this conversation going.

Thanks for hanging out with me today, and I'll see you next time!



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