How to make professional looking worksheets

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How to make professional looking worksheets

Whether you're ready to begin creating your own resources for the first time or are just ready to give the resources you've already made a facelift, you're in luck! In this episode, I share all of my secrets for making professional-looking worksheets (and trust me, it's not difficult at ALL!). Join me to learn more and take your resource game to the next level. 


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Hey there, amazing educators! Welcome back to another episode of Let's Chat Teaching with your host, Nicole Sanders. I'm so thrilled to have you here as we embark on another exciting journey into the world of teaching in the grades five to eight classroom.

Today, we're delving into a topic that's near and dear to every teacher's heart—creating stunning, professional resources and worksheets. I remember my early teaching days when I was fumbling around in Word, trying to make things look half-decent. If you're still in that boat, no judgment—whatever works for you is the golden rule. But if you've ever wondered how to up your resource game, you're in for a treat.

I vividly recall the moment my teaching life changed. I sought guidance from a mentor teacher who was a pro at crafting high-quality resources, the kind you see on Teachers Pay Teachers. And the secret weapon? PowerPoint. Yes, good old PowerPoint. It may sound surprising, but it's a powerhouse for creating visually appealing materials.

Now, I know, I know—some of you are already rolling your eyes at PowerPoint. It's like a reliable car that gets you from point A to point B. But bear with me. PowerPoint has come a long way. You can insert images, play around with fonts and colors, and customize to your heart's content. The key is setting up the document in the right size (remember that golden nugget about custom design?).

But hold on a second—there's a new player in town, and it's a game-changer. Enter Canva. No, this isn't a Canva-sponsored ad—I promise. I'm just genuinely excited about this tool. Canva took my resource creation game to a whole new level in the later years of my teaching career.

The best part? The free version of Canva is fantastic for teachers. It's user-friendly, has loads of free stock images and templates, and can transform your worksheets into works of art. I get it; there's a learning curve, but it's nowhere near as steep as climbing Mount Photoshop.

Now, before you start thinking I'm on the Canva payroll, let me clarify—I'm not. But the premium version does come in handy for me now as a content creator. As a teacher in the trenches, the free version was more than sufficient.

I've even put together a YouTube video to walk you through the wonders of Canva.  Trust me; it's worth a watch.


Watch the video HERE


Canva's flexibility, shareability, and professional finish make it a five-star choice in my book. I've seen the landscape of resource creation shift, and Canva is leading the charge.

So, if you're still wrestling with Word or cautiously exploring PowerPoint, maybe it's time to add Canva to your arsenal. I hope this little nugget of wisdom adds a spark to your resource creation journey.

Before we wrap up, a quick reminder—if you're looking for some free activities to spice up your lessons, head over to Grab those goodies and take your storytelling game to the next level.

Alright, fabulous educators, keep rocking that classroom, keep innovating, and remember—you're doing an incredible job. Until next time, take care!


P.S If you want to snoop around my resources to see exactly how professional those Canva activities for the classroom can be take a look at my TPT store Apple Tree Resources by clicking HERE.


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