Hi, I'm Nicole,

Founder of Apple Tree Resources.



How I went from classroom teacher to resource creator...

After traveling around the world in my early twenties I knew I wanted to have a career that gave back in some way. I was lucky to have had a few public speaking and teaching opportunities and loved the rush and feeling of teaching a crowd of people who were eager to learn. 

Fast forward five or six years. After a liberal arts diploma, a bachelor of arts degree, and a bachelor's in education, I started my classroom teaching career.

I taught as a classroom teacher for ten years with a specialty in the middle years. You know, the years that kids turn into teenagers and give you and their parents a run for their money. I oddly love that age. I'll share why below.

My Classroom Teaching Years


I love teaching grades five to eight kids, oh sorry not kids, pre-teens and teenagers (they would be so mad I used the word kid to describe them)! Students in these years still want to be silly and fun but bring a lot of searching, questions, and growth to a vibrant and loud classroom. You probably already know this and see this in your own classroom.

During my ten years of teaching, I have taught in both a generalist elementary classroom and in middle school teaching primarily English, Social Studies, and Humanities (a combination of English and Social Studies). 

While teaching I kept running into the same problem: finding relevant, high-quality professional development courses and resources for what I was teaching in my classroom was time-consuming and difficult. 

Which brings me to today...


In the Spring of 2021, I decided to leave the classroom and pivot to creating professional development courses and resources for the grades five to eight classrooms. I especially wanted to create courses and resources that I had needed as a teacher but didn't have time to create. The resources I created:

-Are clearly laid out

-Dig deeper into the learning

-are loved by bother teachers and students

So, this is what I do today, and I am loving it!

Since leaving the classroom I have been able to create this business. A business that helps teachers bring more ease and flow into their day.

My aim is to stand alongside teachers offering a helping hand in the often difficult, challenging, but rewarding job of being a classroom teacher. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. 



A Little About Me


- Live with my husband,  young daughter, and two dogs.

- Can't get enough of true crime podcasts. 

- Have gutted and renovated two homes and am currently renovating our third (and hopefully) final home.

- Can be found paddle boarding with my Pitbull named Abby.

-Am halfway through an interior design diploma, just because I love learning and all things interior design. 

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